MrTEEmothy supporting medical students

We have recently expanded our educational offer to include younger fellows. In December, first-year medical students participated in classes using MrTEEmothy. Between lectures on heart anatomy, they could consolidate their knowledge in practical exercises with the TTE probe. Our “Edu” module can show labeled heart structures so that even without initial knowledge, the student can

NFIC 2024

Exciting news! Our multimodal transseptal puncture simulator Trinity was featured at ICE during the 24th NFIC 2024 conference in Krakow, Poland! Proud to showcase innovative solutions in simulation technology. Huge thanks to Andrzej Gackowski and Maciej Stapor for supporting the event!

Kamil Kipiel

Life Science Open Space distinction

We are thrilled to announce that we have been honored with the “Best Presentation – Most Exciting Cooperation Offer” award ūüŹÜ at the Life Science Open Space 2023 event. Our CEO, Kamil Kipiel, delivered an outstanding presentation, showcasing Trinity ‚Äď our new multimodal transseptal puncture simulator. This accomplishment owes its success to the dedicated efforts

PCR London Valves 2023

It was a great pleasure and honor to work with the PCR London Valves 2023 experts during the multiple simulation sessions. MrTEEmothy was a part of this great event.Thank you

MrTEEmothy training at BesdKard

We are pleased to share that our simulator MrTEEmothy is serving its best at the BesdKard conference organized by¬†American Heart of Poland¬†during the TEE training. This high-quality training, conducted on multiple machines simultaneously, is led by renowned experts in the field: prof.¬†Andrzej Gackowski, prof. Piotr Pysz, and prof¬†Piotr ScisŇāo. It’s inspiring to see our technology