New York Valves 2024

New York Valves 2024 #NYValves2024 guarantees a day packed with world-class learning and innovation! From cutting-edge late-breaking science to riveting live cases, there’s something for everyone. MrTEEmothy is happy to serve, teaming up with Simulands and the brilliant dr Rebecca T. Hahn to bring you an unparalleled training experience.

Imaging is the eyes of the heart team

Imaging is the eyes of the Heart team

This year at EuroPCR in Paris, we are thrilled to offer six simulator sessions focusing on TEE using our MrTEEmothy platform. These sessions provide a unique opportunity for hands-on training and advanced learning in echocardiography. Join us to experience the future of cardiac imaging and enhance your skills with the most realistic simulation technology available.

PolEcho 2024

PolEcho 2024

The spectacular congress has just begun! It is a tremendous honor to be among the sponsors of PolEcho 2024, gathering the leaders of Echocardiography – this year in Cracow. A warm welcome to Dr. Rebecca Hahn and Dr. Denisa Muraru.

MrTEEmothy family is growing

Thanks to continuous development, MrTEEmothy family is growing! We’re thrilled to introduce our latest systems: Transthoracic Echocardiography simulator and Fluoroscopy simulator.