MrTEEmothy® – Professional TEE Simulator

Our simulator provides an economical and effective solution that will provide practical training for medical professionals. It will increase the potential number of good quality diagnostic studies, at the same time preventing patients and physicians from unnecessary discomfort and the possible complications of real patient examinations.

The educational package of TEE simulator consists of:

  • USB compatible TEE probe simulator hardware
  • A phantom
  • A transportation case
  • A MST software license
  • A 3D dataset library of two real patients
  • Promotional access to new heart models under development on our website:
  • Remote technical support
  • A hardware guarantee

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MrTEEmothy® helps to:

  • understand the three-dimensional anatomy of the heart
  • learn how to obtain standard TEE views in
    individual patients
  • substantially shorten the TEE learning curve
  • rapidly improve skills of both beginner and advanced imagers
  • practice TEE guidance of structural heart interventions
  • test TEE skills
  • protect patients from unnecessary discomfort and harm

MrTEEmothy® Software and Cases

Standard Expert
2D imaging
Biplane imaging (xPlane, Multi D)
3D imaging (3D Zoom, Live 3D)
Color Doppler simulation package (2D and 3D)
Probe position and orientation indicators
Segmented model of the heart with 2D plane and probe visualization
Measurement package (distance, spline, area)
Screenshot or movie recording with USB export
Automatic visual identification of anatomical structures
Color enhancement helper allowing identification of anatomical elements (selected cases)
Esophagus perforation warning
User defined anatomical markers (active in all modes)
User defined three dimensional trajectories planning
Standard echo-views self-guiding tool
Automatic test of the view acquisition performance
Embeded camera for online tutoring
Number of cases (normal+pathological)* 1+1 1+5

MrTEEmothy® Hardware

Standard Expert
The Phantom
TEE probe
Dedicated laptop with preinstalled software
ECHO keyboard panel with the trackball
Transportation case suitable for airplane
External screen HDMI output

*additional cases can be purchased and downloaded remotely

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