Hani at CSI Frankfurt

Hands-On Training at CSI Frankfurt

We are happy to share the exciting news of our recent participation at the prestigious CSI Frankfurt congress. Our team had the opportunity to demonstrate our MrTEEmothy Simulator and run the hands-on training session on “Transseptal Puncture Guidance,” led by the expert Hani Mahmoud-Elsayed, who ensured an immersive and outstanding training experience for all participants.

Hands-on with MrTEEmothy at TVT in Phoenix

We are thrilled to share the success of our simulator, MrTEEmothy, at the prestigious TVT Congress. Held recently in Phoenix, the event brought together leading experts and professionals in the field of echocardiography. MrTEEmothy played a pivotal role in the hands-on training sessions, captivating the most experienced echocardiographers with its unrivaled capabilities and exceptional teaching

Intarg 2023

Gold Medal

We are proud to announce, that MST has secured the gold medal for the invention called Device and System for Simulation of Transcatheter Interventions on the 16th International Invention and Innovation Show INTARG 2023. It is a great success for the company as well for the individual inventors: Michał Cempla, Tomasz Dziwiński, Paweł Piątek and

Intarg 2023, Trinity simulator


Today MST sends warm greetings from the 16th International Show of Invention and Innovation INTARG 2023, where we are happy to disseminate our patented technology and present solutions functioning in the transseptal puncture simulator Trinity.

Abbott-supported training session

Training session on Mitral and Tricuspid imaging

Medical Simulation Technologies hosted another Abbott-supported training session on Mitral and Tricuspid interventional imaging. They used MrTEEmothy simulators and provided expert tips on a main screen. Trainees received constant guidance from an expert through a central monitor. Great progress in just a few hours! Highly recommended for anyone interested in improving their skills in heart