Software releases

dateversionwhat’s new
2021-09-151.1.7928.18760Progressbar fix - case not loading fixed
2021-06-181.1.7839.41164ASE Trainer activated in online version
2021-06-171.1.7838.26094Measure fix
2020-11-051.1.7614.22109Harpoon fixes: auto toggle targets/points, Reload panel message fixed
2020-11-031.1.7612.20731no vis3d fix
2020-10-071.1.7585.43057shorter timeout
2020-10-071.1.7585.40849Server Fix
2020-10-071.1.7585.37619Online updates
Loading datasets updates
Interface speed up (pathology list)
2020-10-071.1.7585.30392Proxy load fix
2020-09-081.1.7556.31360eTEEmothy size set
2020-08-141.1.7531.19529Vis updates,
Proxy mesh introduction,
2020-08-131.1.7530.24327Setting fix, no vlc
2020-03-121.1.7376.31168harpoon fix, FBrowser fix
2020-02-251.1.7360.39640Edu tool - color enhancements of selected tissues


caselast updatemain pathologydescriptionfile size
MST04852021-10-22Aortic homograft, Secondary MRAortic homograft, secondary mitral regurgitation540 MB
MST20022021-10-22MR, P2 prolapseSevere mitral regurgitation, Carpentier II, isolated P2 prolapse559 MB
MST20032021-10-22MR, BarlowSevere mitral regurgitation, Carpentier II, Barlow, P1-P2 prolapse735 MB
MST20042021-10-22Torrential TRCarcinoid torrential TR425 MB
MST20052021-10-22RUPV connection to SVCAbnormal right pulmonary venous connection to SVC, moderately dilated RV907 MB
MST20072021-10-22Mitral stenosis, LAA thrombusMitral stenosis and mild regurgitation, moderately calcified A2, LAA LAA thrombus588 MB
MST20122021-10-22Normal. “Windsocket LAA”Normal heart, “windsocket” shape of LAA392 MB
MST20162021-10-14Small mitral PVLMechanical MV, calcified mitral annulus, small PVL on lateral aspect of the valve513 MB
MST20182020-06-07Tricuspid regurgitation, LAA thrombusCentral TR, dilated RV, RA, SVC, IVC, CS thrombus or sludge in LAA558 MB
MST2018_a2021-10-22TR, LAA thrombusCentral TR, dilated RV, RA, SVC, IVC, CS thrombus or sludge in LAA392 MB
MST20202021-10-22HOCM, secondary MRHypertrophied obstructive cardiomyopathy (HOCM) with secondary mitral regurgitation651 MB
MST20212021-10-22AR, dilated Ao rootAortic regurgitation, dilated Ao root362 MB
MST20222021-10-22Ao root dilatationModerately dilated aortic root723 MB
MST20242021-10-22Moderate MR, Carpentier IMild mitral annular dilatation, moderate mitral regurgitation, Carpentier I716 MB
MST20252021-10-22HOCMHypertrophic cardiomyopathy with severe SAM594 MB
MST20262021-10-22NormalNormal heart579 MB
MST20292021-10-22AVR, Ao dissection, MitraClipPost Bentall de Bono due to dissecting Asc (Mechanical AVR). Ao aneurysm. Chronic arch and desc Ao dissection. MitraClips implanted.689 MB
MST21162021-10-22Mechanical MV, anterior PVLMechanical MV, moderate anterior paravalvular leak, aortic stenosis585 MB
MST30022021-10-22PFO “contrast” studySmall PFO, several contrast bubbles passing from RA to LA476 MB
MST30032021-10-22DCM, LVEF25%, moderate MRDilated cardiomyopathy. Biventricular dilatation and severe dysfunction. LVEF 25%, moderate functional mitral regurgitation758 MB
MST30042021-10-22Moderate PH, dilated right heart, TR, LAA thrombusModerate pulmonary hypertension, (dilated MPA, RV, RA, TV annulus), moderate TR. Left atrial appendage thrombus, PFO53 MB
MST30052021-10-22Postinfarction VSDPostinfarction infero-septal VSD176 MB